News in jewerly great for June, nice colors for summer!

June new jewelry have nice colours.

Lavender colour – amethyst earrings. Delicate and romantic pink – coral earrings. Bold combination red with dark blue – bracelet & earrings. Mystique & flash blue – labradorite. 

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Oxidized sterling silver – an artistic jewelry: topaz, labradorite, garnet, moonstone, hematite, pyrite.

Several innovations in artistic jewelery. This time, the oxidized version. In my survey on silver, the majority of women taking part in the survey prefer burnished silver. Therefore I think that will create a few more projects in the version of the oxide. Here.

Oxidized silver earrings amethyst and hematite.
Oxidized sterling silver necklace grenades.
Lightly burnished silver bracelet garnet, amethyst, jade, quartz.
Fortunately bracelet with burnished silver leaf clover topaz, moonstone, labradorite.
Earrings Oxidized pyrite hematite.
Burnished garnet bracelet, hematite.

Bracelets – Jewelry Art

Bracelets – Jewelry Art

There were several new copies of the bracelets. Burnished and clear dominance of pins and balls, just could not stop again, create something new.

Bracelet with natural stones. in silver 925


Bracelet – natural stones in silver 925


Bracelet – lapis lazuli, hematite in the oxidized silver.


Bracelet – oxidised silver garnet at 925


Bracelet – amber in silver 925


Bracelet – emeralds in silver 925


Bracelet – amber and swarovski in oxidized silver.


Bracelet – grenade in silver.


Bracelet – amber and peridot in silver.


Bracelet – jade and aventurine in silver.


Bracelet – amazonite, amethyst, aventurine, quartz, jade in silver.


Oxidized bracelet with labradorite and lunar rock.


Men’s Bracelet hematite and amazonite in oxidized silver.


Men’s sapphire bracelet in silver and hematite oxidized.


Men’s bracelet in amethyst hematite and oxidized silver.

IV Edition CRAFTS ARTISTS SALON – an exhibition of art Białystok 2012

IV Edition CRAFTS ARTISTS SALON – an exhibition of art Białystok 2012.

On 12-13 May 2012 was held on the fourth edition of Artists and Crafts Exhibition in Bialystok in the Congress Hall Hotel Gołębiewski Street. Pałacowej7,

Presented there offer of Polish art, was also the option to purchase or order unique jewelry, leather goods, clothing, footwear, beautiful specimens of embroidery, interior decoration products (sculptures, paintings, beautiful picture frames and mirrors, meticulously crafted stained glass, iron fittings version decorative ceramics, crystal chandeliers and many others). His work was represented artists and artists from the Podlasie region of the province. Mazovia. You could directly see the artist craftsmen. In recent times, very difficult for artists to oppose the bulk carrier; wytworom serial and cheapness. It is known that chain stores, have more spending on promotions, in which artists can not afford. Also, such exhibitions are in high demand by people in the course of everyday life do not forget that there are such things as craft or crafts.

The event was graced by the presence of Bialystok Mayor Tadeusz Truskolaski , led her Olga Werbieniec – kaletnictwa master of arts.

Also, I had the great pleasure to appear in such a respectable group of artists
and present their trinkets. 
I am very pleased that I managed to get to know so many artists.


Monika Gawryluk

Beautiful jewelery made in the art wire – wrapping presented Kasia Rutkowska .

Smiling K. Rutkowska.
Kate’s  Rutkowska ar

 Peter Dojnieko presented jewelery and handbags inspired by the story, based on photographs or drawings of the originals back many centuries.

Peter Dojnieko.
Beautiful performance of Peter Dojnieko bags.
Original jewelry Peter Dojnieko.
Peter Jatkowski

His beautiful jewelry goldsmith’s workshop presented personally PEJOT  
Peter Jatkowski .
Peter appreciates the natural beauty of amber, which often appears in his work.

Peter Jatkowskiego jewelry.
Peter Jatkowski jewelry

The esteemed group of exhibitors was also Przedpełska Emilia with her beautiful jewelry made of silver and stones. 

Jewelry Emilka Przedpełski.      

In addition to your jewelry wood carvings presented Gregory Lapinski .

Beautiful hand lamp Gregory Lapinski.
Emblem of Bialystok hand G. Lapinski

Margaret Sowa proudly presented the precision jewelery made in the art of embroidery and braid wire made in the technique – wrapping, which aroused great interest.

Margaret Sowa.
Jewelry Margaret Owl

His works of art presented by the Criminal Tadeusz master artistic blacksmithing.

Criminal Tadeusz.
Beautiful rose – Tadeusz Criminal.
Roses – Tadeusz Criminal.
Beautiful frame Elis.

His works were also presented champions pozłotnictwa Margaret and Joseph Elis.

Decorate their jewelry fairs also Dzienisowicz Joanna Beata Ciesielska Sobieszczyk Catherine Kehl Carolina – Soltys Department of Natural Beautygift Jewelry and many others, but not all managed to catalog. Fair passed in a very friendly atmosphere, most of the artists wished to see the work of others, because only in this exhibition, we could meet.

Jacob watches the work of Peter Śliwowski Dojnieko, accompanied by Olga Werbieniec.

General view of the exhibitors.

Beautygift gallery exhibition, exposure, and James Wieslaw Śliwowski.
Exposures other exhibitors.
To me it looked someone :-)

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Natural pearls cultured – they look like, what are the different types.

Currently available for purchase are very many types of pearls: artificial, imitation, glass and natural saltwater and freshwater natural breeding . As a fan of nature skipping plastic coated in plastic, plastic coated in a mass of pearl, glass and crystal beads coated pretending. In many branded jewelery shops to buy can pearls majorca or seashell ; równiutkie, shining, however, produced by man with nature identical materials. Most notable are the pearls of saltwater , but their high price makes it accessible to a small group of customers. These include pearls Akoya , they have a deep hue of color, high gloss and a perfect spherical shape. They are the best freshwater pearls, cultured pearls. They are more affordable than saltwater, a plurality of types makes each the most fastidious woman can find something suitable for everyone. Cultured pearls are available in all colors and different shapes. These pearls unborn , baroque , Keshia and biwa . Pearl resemble the shape of the unborn „tadpoles”. Baroque pearls are flattened on one side. Keshia pearls in the shape of coins, and have different longitudinal biwa, sophisticated shapes. There are also similar to the usual spherical Akoyi, but with less gloss and non-uniform structure. In my view, the structure of the cavities is an asset, because even a person not having any knowledge of pearls, on this basis distinguish plastic from farmed pearls.

Biwa pearls in various shades.


Pearls of unborn black and white.


Baroque pearls in various shades of brown.    

Spherical pearls and black salmon.    
Biwa pearl white and maroon

Rarely seen in natural pearls are farmed freshwater pearls biwa and Keshia.
me like them all. Jewelry from pearls can be found here: click .
Greetings :-)

About amber – natural Baltic amber looks like, what are the types and colors.

Amber – still on top, one of my favorite raw materials for the manufacture of jewelry .
fact that amber is fossilized resin, probably knows everyone. However, I will focus on the types of amber. I was now on holiday by the sea, watched offer presented at the stalls with souvenirs from the seaside – „Chinese foods” and fear to buy anything there. Is full of plastic imitation amber, among real full of plastic. In my opinion, low price and low-cost commodity environment should discourage the purchase of amber. Assuming that someone wants to actually buy genuine amber souvenirs.
If something costs 5 €, is a big scorpion in the middle, it’s obvious that this is a plastic :-)
Amber is light, lighter than stone, so that we can find particles or lumps on the shore sea, or a shower in the sand or soil (coastal areas). Amber can be purchased raw, cut gently from left on natural wastage and inequality or polished smooth. In my opinion, everyone has its own charm. Amber cut in my favorite color white – imperial amber (amber white) , is the most valuable and valued amber. I also believe that the more amber is patchy and unusual the more likely it is that we buy real amber.

Natural amber white.
Natural amber, white and gray.
Natural amber, white with milk.
Natural amber, white with sun.
Natural amber white in oxidized silver.
Amber and milky white in silver.

Amber products are also very popular and highly valued.

Milky amber.
Amber Milk – necklace in silver

Very charming are also amber raw , unpolished.
Sometimes they look so unusual
that some would not even think – that it is amber.

Raw amber – a necklace.
Raw amber – pendant.
Raw amber – a necklace.

Amber „sunny” clear and matte.

Amber sun.
Opaque amber sun

Amber Gray , also called amber swamp – with no interference in nature, too, in my opinion is worth a look.

Amber Gray – bracelet in silver.
Amber gray with gray shell – a necklace.

Amber cognac is amber from interference in its nature. Namely, sunny amber if there is not any inclusions or nothing, amber is subjected to high temperature to obtain a darker color.

Amber cognac-bracelet in silver.
Cognac Amber – silver pendant.

Amber light transparent and dull also subjected to heat treatment to obtain the „scales” – that reigns in the collections of amber-u apart. I personally do not like him because of interference with nature.

Amber pendant in silver.
Amber pendant in silver.

Another amber is amber, green . I admit that once I loved, but the manner of its creation a little my sympathy for him diminished. Thermal processing and manipulation to get the bottom of amber green tint.

Amber Green – silver pendant.

There are also natural amber with inclusions plant or animal, but such amber are rare and expensive.

Amber pendant with natural Plant inclusions.
Amber from natural animal inclusions.

This is my knowledge of amber, acquired through contact with Amber, I hope that useful. Amber photos and much more – can be found in stores . Welcome